About This Project

We´re very happy to be working together with El Resort on this little piece of history!

Vamos Pal Matine (2017) is a comprehensive documentary about an underground dance scene from Caracas that appeared in the mid 2000s (2004-2008), in the midst of a musical revolution that was born in the slums of the city and has been called by several names: Changa Tuki, Raptor House, Street House and Hard Fusion. This form of dance music took influences from House and Techno and reshaped it in a unique way, with elements of latin music and street culture turning it into something fresh and powerful. What followed the music was a huge buzz that emerged around the dancers, who were called ¨Tukis¨ in a dismissive way. This documentary tells their true story for the first time.

Anther documentary that we worked on, Quien Quiere Tuki (2012), gave a first glimpse into the scene, the sound and it´s creators. But now Vamos Pal Matine goes deeper into the rabbit hole.

Our respect and support to El Resort for their 3+ year effort into this project.

Our love and respect to the dancers (Elberth and Cheo from Famasloop) and the creators of the sound: Dj Yirvin (from Pararrayos!), Dj Baba, Dj Edward Alberto, Dj Jesus El Coco aka Eduardo Alba, Dj Daniel Deep, Byako, El Mago and more. Much love to all the ¨Sampleros¨and to the Minitecas (Mobile Sound Systems) who championed the sound, specially Raptor House, Maquina Latina and X Dimension.