Vamos Pal Matine (2017 Documentary)

About This Project

Don´t miss this cool interview on DAZED magazine made by our friend Arca with Roberto who directed the film:

About this project…
6 years ago we took part on another documentary named Quien Quiere Tuki, introducing this underground Caracas scene to a wider audience. Now with Vamos Pal Matine we go deeper into the rabbit hole. We hope you enjoy!

New documentary film about the dance scene that blew up in Caracas between 2003-2009, during daytime Matinees for underage kids that eventually went out of control. The dance scene was inspired by the fresh sounds of Venezuelan ghetto house during that era: Raptor House, Street House and Hard Fusion, a variety of styles also commonly known as Changa Tuki. Respect El Resort Pararrayos Elberth El Maestro Boogaloo Jose Colmenares Yirvin Deejays Pedro Elias Corro Daniel García Roberto López Buschbeck Emiro Arrieta. Dedicated to the memory of Jefferson Betancourt a.k.a. Junior El Alucinante, one of the biggest dancers of the scene.