Orange is The New Black (Netflix) – Part 2 –

About This Project

We´re very happy to share this project with you.

At the moment we´re publishing this one in our site, we know one thing for sure:
This is Netflix´s most successful internet promo with over 34.000.000 views on Facebook.
That´s a lot! And we´re happy to be part of this from scratch.

Our hearts are full of gratitude with everyone who made this Audio Visual Pararrayos production possible: our director and good friend Hernan Jabes, director assistant Luisa De La Ville, Itati, a Factor RH Producciones, Johanna Juliethe, and the Netflix team (Nobox Joa Tous Angel Van Der Biest and Ronald Florez). Also big Thank You and Hugs to Rodolfo Cova, Luis Daniel Gonzalez, María Elena Regla, Roberto Russo, Matilde Van Der Biest, Fran Mejía, Mary Antonieta, Valentina Landáez and César Elster.