About This Project

Pararrayos teams up with visual production wizards Factor RH for Netflix´s Ultimate Beastmasters.


THANKS! to everyone who joined forces with us to make this possible:

Mighty Hernan Jabes for overcoming his fear of heights, Rodolfo Cova for his guru-style guidance, OnlyIf for believing in this wonderful team, Rodolfo Guerrero, Ale Almaro, Silvana Palafox, Adrian Alcalá, Jorge Shahin, fotographer Daniel García (who didn´t mind hanging from a 52nd floor to do these amazing shots), Roberto Russo, Patricia Tunzi, Jaime Ramos and Taniarhy Badager. Much love to the athletes: Roberto Perez, Matías Chávez, Angélica Melo and Omar Zamitiz. Thank you (and hugs) to Carlos Pierucci and Gustavo Sanchez of Neko Films and Morf (Pericles, Alvaro, Gerardo… we love you).


And of course, much love to the whole Parrrayos family:

Luis Daniel Gonzalez
Valentina Landáez
Mariano Briceño
Johanna Juliethe
Fran Mejia
Mary Antonieta
María Elena Regla