KLIK!: Amsterdam Animation Festival (2015)

About This Project

We really  loved doing the music and sound design on this one in collaboration with our friends Leo Aldrey , Alexis Rendón, Vladimir Peña and Pincho from Tromboranga, Mauricio Villaseñor and Charly Chicago. KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2015 edition it’s all about handmade/traditional animation, this a tribute to getting your hands dirty, and enjoying the act of creating life. Enjoy!

Handmade by BLEND | blend-studio.tv

Music: Pararrayos Studio & Leo Aldrey
Alto Sax: Alexis Rendón
Trombone: Albert Costa
Additional Sound Design: Mauricio Villaseñor
Mixing Engineer & 5.1 Mix: Charly Chicago

Katie Falk
Eeke Beuger
Gabe Moon
Jon Rolph

Special Collaborations:
Joan Moreno
Ricardo Leite
Marta Veludo
Gala Garrido
Noa Verhofstad

Thanks to:
KLIK! Crew
Mr. Frank
Victor Milton van Doom
Levi van Veluw
Carol Babiano