Dreams From The Jungle (Short Film)

About This Project

This short film shows the ups and downs of young professional surfer from Costa Rica: Noe Mar McGonagle. Starting his career from a very young age and coming from a very small village in the jungle on the south end of Costa Rica. This athlete is 2015 ISA World Surfing Games Champion and is currently ranked 63rd in the WSL Qualifying Series. Many compare his power surfing to legends like Taylor Knox.

We traveled many countries and faced a lot of challenges to get this done. We would really like to thank everyone who got involved and gave us their support.

A short film by Matt Cossovich
Directed by Matt Cossovich
Produced by Lup
Edit & Cinematography by Matt Cossovich
Sound Mix and Sound Design by Fran Mejía / pararrayos.tv
Graphic Design by Vania Nedkova / vnedkova.com
Additional J-Bay Cinematography by Clinton Theron

Music by
BINARY LOVE – “BINARY LOVE” / artlist.io