Pararrayos (Lightning Rod) is an independent sound studio with headquarters in Mexico, Barcelona and Caracas. We specialize in bespoke audio-visual and post production solutions across all broadcast and digital channels. We create Original Music, Sound Design, Foley and Voice-Over (Direction, Casting and Recording), as well as Art in the form of Albums, Soundtracks and Scores.


Passion, innovation and creativity are at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with our clients to get inside the brief and really bring it to life. We work harder, smarter and faster (on both sides of the Atlantic) to deliver the highest standard of work.


Pararrayos was founded almost a decade ago by a group of diverse artists and friends. Our versatile team is our main asset and is currently formed by: Alain Gómez (from Famasloop), Luis Daniel González (Mojo Pojo / Famasloop), Fran Mejía (Phran), Luis Garban (Cardopusher), María Elena Reglá, Valentina Landáez, Mary Antonieta López, María José Pérez Vivas, Mariano Briceño, Carlos Más, and Dj Yirvin. In addition to our core team, we continuously collaborate with a wide network of talented Musicians, Actors, Comedians, Writers and Film Makers.


Through the past 10 years we´ve been fortunate to experience the magic of collaboration. We´ve had the privilege of working with unique and talented people such as Carlos Mayoral (Pocz), Carlos Jorge (O Kills), Vanessa Gouveia (from Famasloop), Leo Aldrey, Leslie Helpert, Bernardo Risquez (Different Fountains), Cesar Muñoz, Alejandro Ghersi (Arca), Emilio Lovera, Onechot, Freddy, Vladimir and Pincho from Tromboranga, Karina Lyn Urdaneta (Our friend and cofounder), Ivan Urbina, Alvaro Mora, Luis Tepedino, Tweety Gonzalez, Mahelín Rondón, Benjamín Brea (RIP), among many others. Our hearts are full of gratitude for each and every moment we´ve shared along the way. THANKS!